Baby / Child Naming Ceremonies



We are all unique and have our own special beliefs and views. Whilst some people choose a religious christening or baptism in a church, I believe we should all be able to celebrate the life of a new-born or family addition in a very special way.

There are many benefits to infant and child naming ceremonies, in the first instance you choose the location of the celebration. This might be in your garden, at the beach, in the grandparent’s house, It really is your choice. Additionally you decide the design of the ceremony. You may consider how will the child be presented? Will music play a role in the celebration? Or perhaps you choose a poetry reading instead.

A welcoming celebration can provide that very special occasion to mark the addition of an adopted child into a family or when two families join together and become one step-family… a celebration of unity is fitting.

There is no limit to who can be involved in your ceremony: alongside you and your child you can acknowledge the importance of siblings, grandparents’, family and friends.

I promise you, your chosen naming ceremony will be a very special personal event. You will be left with an everlasting memory, with copies of the ceremony including readings, poems and songs shared afterwards.

Fees include meetings with the family and contact until your unique ceremony. Support and advice in the decisions you make and a copy of the ceremony and certificates. Contact me to find out more.