Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a registrar and an Independent Celebrant?
A registrar completes the generic paper work to make your marriage legal. He/she will simply fill in the gaps of a local authority requirements. An Independent celebrant will give you a unique ceremony of unlimited time that is only suited to you.

What are the benefits of an Independent Celebrant ceremony?
Your dream venue may not have a license for marriages to take place and so a Registrar would not be able to carry out the ceremony. However, a celebrant could.

If the venue does have a license then yes a registrar can perform the ceremony but it will still be of a generic format with a restriction of the timing and finer details. An Independent celebrant on the other hand can provide the ceremony of your dreams, taking as long as you like.

Unlike an Independent Celebrant, you are unlikely to have any pre-ceremony meetings or a rehearsal with the Registrar before your special day, or your rehearsal will incur additional costs. A rehearsal with a celebrant is included in the fee.

An Independent Celebrant gives you a unique bespoke ceremony unlike any other, it is written with you in mind and will include everything and anything you dream of.

Your ceremony will be in the planning process for months maybe years before your special day ensuring everything is as you want it. Regular contact between you and the celebrant will be available.

I believe the best advantage of an Independent Celebrant ceremony is that fact that you choose what season of the year, what day of the week and what time of the day this dream takes place.

Is an Independent Celebrants ceremony legal?
No, the ceremony is a celebration of your marriage.